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This video,, can also be seen at of the trickiest distinctions to make when it comes to managing your business is the difference between revenue vs profit. There are a few simple rules for determining which is which. One of the hard and fast rules is that profit will never exceed revenue, and it is typically less. To put it.Nonprofit vs. For-Profit Colleges. So, what is the biggest difference you’ll find when you compare for-profit vs. nonprofit schools? basically, for-profit colleges are businesses. They’re owned and operated by other businesses or people who want to make money from the school.Gross Profit vs Operating profit gross profit and operating profit are important calculations aimed at measuring the profitability levels of the firm. Both these numbers are derived from the information obtained from the company’s income statement. Gross profit shows the sales that are left once cost of goods sold are reduced and operating profit [.]One of the points stressed in the first of the training courses offered by Profits Run is learn to manage your risks. What attracts so many of us to the forex market is the possibility of a big profit. The other edge to that very sharp sword is the risk factor. You could not stand to profit big if there wasn’t a substantial element of risk.I’m reading a book by Thomas sowell called economic facts and Fallacies and he has a chapter on academics where he writes a lot about Non-Profit vs. For-profit colleges. Someone posted in another thread about the University of Phoenix (A For Profit college) and it made me curious as to why these kinds of institutions are looked down upon.Definition of Profits Economists and accountants distinguish between normal profits and economic profits. Normal profit is defined as revenue less, both explicit and implicit expenses. In other words,Understand profit vs. profitability to analyze your company and make financial decisions. profit vs. profitability. Both profit and profitability give you insight into different aspects of your business. To avoid confusing the two, you need to understand the difference between profit and profitability. Profit is the amount your business gains.